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Welcome to MikroTik Filters by Intrus was started out of a personal need. My goal was to develope a system that can automatically update a set of filters to block out as much of the spam, botnets, trojans, and hackers that I possibly can.

This was built with only my personal clients in mind. However, it has grown over the years. With over 21,000 active routers accross 63 countries, the project has finally reached a point that it requires income to continue. With that income, I plan to fully reinvest in the project, adding more feature as it grows.

About Intrus Technologies

Founded in 2004 in the garage of my home in Rancho Cucamonga, California, We set out with the goal of making the Internet a safer place. While Intrus is a One-Stop-Shop for all your I.T. needs, we have always focuced on security and privacy.

MikroTik Filters is a side project that was started in early 2004, after finding that all of the other "blacklist" filters were not complete enough or not updated often enough.

Our Services

I.T. Management

Specializing in small to mid-sized businesses that are big enough to need an I.T. staff, but not big enough to afford a full-time I.T. staff.


Intrus can host your email, website, application servers, RDP servers, and off-site backups.

Firewall Filters

Designed in house, our blacklist filters are the more up-to-date available. Others try to duplicate us, but no others come close.

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